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Why I’d Rather Rent

Home ownership just doesn’t appeal to me

A good friend of mine messaged me the other day about some drama they’re going through involving a duplex they purchased a year or two ago. It was another reminder of how happy I am to rent.

Air Traffic Control vs. Space Shuttle

We’re coming in a bit hot…

Last week’s first SpaceX crewed flight to the International Space Station (ISS) got me binging on spaceflight-related articles and videos lately. Although I knew the space shuttle somehow returned to Earth by gliding in for a landing like a plane, I really had no idea how this transition from orbiting spacecraft to atmospheric glider worked. I imagined it could make for a pretty unusual conversation with air traffic control (ATC) though:

Helical Scan

Why is that shiny thing inside the VCR crooked?

Did you ever look into the open door of a VCR (if you were old enough to have access to one years ago) and wonder why that shiny round component inside looked crooked or ‘lopsided’? I remember thinking that as a kid. It looked like it hadn’t been mounted correctly.

Civilian MREs

Another COVID-19 quarantine survival technique

In the military, we often ate ‘Meals, Ready to Eat’ (MREs) in the field. After taking inventory of my freezer today during the ongoing coronavirus quarantine, I realized that microwave dinners are basically just MREs for civilians.

The Consumer Feedlot

Welcome to the BigMac Nation

I think a feedlot is a great analogy for how I often feel about our consumption-obsessed society. With the never-ending onslaught of advertising, marketing, media, branding, and debt-fueled consumption, I feel as though I’m living in a feedlot rather than an actual real country.

I Think It’s Done

Our floor is really struggling with this quarantine cooking thing

I smelled smoke and heard some commotion in the hallway on our floor, so I stepped out of my apartment to see what was going on. Some other people were already trying to figure out what was burning. At some point, someone must have called 911 because the alarms hadn’t gone off, but the fire department showed up.

Private Vs. Personal Property

No offense, grandma, but socialists just aren’t that into your kitchen table.

I heard a funny story from someone about an experience they had while talking to others about socialism. When the topic came up, an elderly woman expressed outrage due to her concern that, “The socialists want to take my kitchen table!”

Year 2020 Product Review

I need some return labels!

I saw this meme today and thought it was funny given how awful this year has turned out so far with the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting ‘house arrest’. If 2020 was a product, it deserves all the bad reviews it gets!

The Essence of Right-Wing Punditry

Loudly blame the poor to distract from the real fundamental problems of capitalism

I came across this photo and thought the slogan was genius. It perfectly describes the true motive behind a lot of right-wing punditry and ‘talking points’ pushed by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity et al., and the so-called ‘news’ outlets in defense of the capitalist status quo and as an explanation for all of the woes and ills in our society.

Framing the Argument

If an ideological opponent is not willing to debate the core premise of their arguments, implying that they should be accepted on faith, while insisting that you answer charges that validate their groundless premise; then you’ve been framed

Ben Shapiro talks about ‘framing the argument’ in this video while instructing the audience on how to debate ‘the left’. What’s amusing to me is that right after he tells them not to let ‘the left’ frame the argument in certain ways, he then uses the classic ‘framed’ argument of, “Why is it okay for you to steal other people’s money?”

The Looks on their Faces…

…just about says it all

This photo cracked me up. Apparently, the ‘leader of the free world’ went a bit off the rails (again) and launched into another tirade against a reporter at a press conference the other day. The looks on the faces of the staff behind him—especially Mike Pompeo—are priceless.