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Satire and Humor

The Case of the Disappearing Beach Ball

A short story in the style of a fictionalized news/magazine article submitted as a typewritten piece for a monthly writing contest sponsored by a local book store.

In 1778, The Duke of Cornwall threw a legendary, invitation-only and fancy-dress party near Newquay on the southeastern coast of England. What made this festive masquerade noteworthy however, is that it was considered the high water mark for the golden age of the beach ball. Rather than hosting it indoors in a manor house or palace, this spectacle took place on the sands of Perranporth beach.

Air Traffic Control vs. Space Shuttle

We’re coming in a bit hot…

Last week’s first SpaceX crewed flight to the International Space Station (ISS) got me binging on spaceflight-related articles and videos lately. Although I knew the space shuttle somehow returned to Earth by gliding in for a landing like a plane, I really had no idea how this transition from orbiting spacecraft to atmospheric glider worked. I imagined it could make for a pretty unusual conversation with air traffic control (ATC) though:

Civilian MREs

Another COVID-19 quarantine survival technique

In the military, we often ate ‘Meals, Ready to Eat’ (MREs) in the field. After taking inventory of my freezer today during the ongoing coronavirus quarantine, I realized that microwave dinners are basically just MREs for civilians.

I Think It’s Done

Our floor is really struggling with this quarantine cooking thing

I smelled smoke and heard some commotion in the hallway on our floor, so I stepped out of my apartment to see what was going on. Some other people were already trying to figure out what was burning. At some point, someone must have called 911 because the alarms hadn’t gone off, but the fire department showed up.

Year 2020 Product Review

I need some return labels!

I saw this meme today and thought it was funny given how awful this year has turned out so far with the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting ‘house arrest’. If 2020 was a product, it deserves all the bad reviews it gets!

The Looks on their Faces…

…just about says it all

This photo cracked me up. Apparently, the ‘leader of the free world’ went a bit off the rails (again) and launched into another tirade against a reporter at a press conference the other day. The looks on the faces of the staff behind him—especially Mike Pompeo—are priceless.