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Civilian MREs

Another COVID-19 quarantine survival technique

In the military, we often ate ‘Meals, Ready to Eat’ (MREs) in the field. After taking inventory of my freezer today during the ongoing coronavirus quarantine, I realized that microwave dinners are basically just MREs for civilians.

We Are Living in a Failed State

By George Packer / The Atlantic

In this great article, Packer hits on many points and thoughts that echo my own. The true tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic’s affect on the US isn’t the virus itself, but the woefully inadequate response led by incompetence, decades of cuts to public spending and infrastructure, privatization of public resources and services, and political squabbling.

I Think It’s Done

Our floor is really struggling with this quarantine cooking thing

I smelled smoke and heard some commotion in the hallway on our floor, so I stepped out of my apartment to see what was going on. Some other people were already trying to figure out what was burning. At some point, someone must have called 911 because the alarms hadn’t gone off, but the fire department showed up.

Year 2020 Product Review

I need some return labels!

I saw this meme today and thought it was funny given how awful this year has turned out so far with the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting ‘house arrest’. If 2020 was a product, it deserves all the bad reviews it gets!