Pontifico is a blog by Ryli Dunlap

TL;DR: This is a personal blog that I use as a repository and clearinghouse for random thoughts, musings, rants, polemics, pontifications, manifestos, decrees, gripes, complaints, observations, bad writing, unpopular opinions, political propaganda, and other things that are fun, amusing and therapeutic to unload onto unsuspecting victims surfing the internet.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been making an effort to write (or type) my thoughts and ideas as a sort of exercise in personal reflection and journaling. However, I neglected to come up with a sane method to archive or organize these when I began this endeavor. Scribblings, notes, papers, notebooks, phone memos, text files, and cocktail napkins began piling up in my life like nuclear waste with no permanent long-term storage solution. This blog is primarily my attempt to sort and process all of this mental junk as I try to clear the backlog of clutter on my desk and in my head.

I have a general disdain for social media and the mostly-negative ways in which it has shaped the internet, society, culture, and public discourse. Many of the thoughts and ideas I’ll post will inevitably touch on this further. This blog is a way for me to have an independent and entirely-free platform to publish whatever I want, free from pointless, obnoxious ‘tech’ corporations and their algorithms trying to claim rights to, censor, and profit from my data and the wasting of my time.

Privacy Policy

This site does not use cookies. This site does not track IPs. This site does not have 100MB of needless JavaScript analytics libraries that load with every page view and log every click. In fact, this site tracks nothing except page requests on the server, and it does so anonymously using AwStats with the GeoIP features disabled. That’s all.

This site will never have ads. I do not want to segment you into a market. I refuse to ram you down a marketing funnel. I am not trying to sell you anything. I do not care where you came from. I do not care how you got here. I do not care where you are going. That’s your business, not mine. I have no interest in monetizing, commodifying or profiting off this blog. Therefore, I have no reason to track you or know who you are or why you are here.

All content on this site is 100% freely-accessible. No ads, no paywalls, and no begging you to give me your Email with every scroll so I can spam you with newsletters you’d probably just send straight to your junk folder anyways. Consider this the ‘anti-blog’, that does the opposite of anything you’re ‘supposed’ to do to make money and ‘generate leads’ from one. This ain’t that sort of blog. You’re free to browse in peace. It’s my open-source gift from me to you. You’re welcome.


If I say something mean about capitalism or JavaScript or Apple products and it really upsets you, or if you are just incredibly bored with absolutely nothing better to do and wish to dedicate the time to set the record straight about how wrong I am and how bad things were in some other country that didn’t do capitalism and JavaScript on MacBooks, then you can leave a comment or send an Email.


I’m not a huge fan of long threaded comment sections at the end of articles. These inevitably devolve into unproductive trolling and flamewars that incentivize low-quality discourse and bad behavior. However, I have implemented a basic anonymous commenting mechanism on the site. No registration or login is required to use it, but I do moderate these.

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I appreciate thoughtful Email responses and I might even re-publish them (with your permission)—’letters-to-the-editor’ style.

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