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May 2021

Stalinism Finds a Beachhead in Idaho

By Marty Trillhaase / The Lewiston Tribune

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is nothing new and has been around for decades, but it seems to have been suddenly thrust into the mainstream debate within the last year or so and branded as public enemy #1 by its critics who call it Marxist ideology or some sort of communist conspiracy ‘pushed’ by liberals and Democrats in an effort to make students ‘hate America’. I don’t doubt that liberals and Democrats tend to be more supportive of CRT, but to confuse it with Marxism or some sort of nefarious plot is just silly in my opinion.

Dr. Mary’s Monkey

By Edward T. Haslam

My father sent this book to me about a week ago. He heard an interview with the author (Edward T. Haslam) on the radio and thought it might be an intriguing read.